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From 25 May 2018, new privacy legislation was introduced, the General Data Protection Regulation. This means that the same privacy legislation will apply throughout the European Union from this day, replacing the Personal Data Protection Act. This law aims to improve the privacy of citizens. At KYCOS, we find this very important. We have therefore worked hard to make our organization compliant with the GDPR so that you can continue to use our platform with confidence. Because we work with personal data, we have designed KYCOS with privacy in mind. Hereby we have analyzed the impact of the GDPR on our company, server architecture, and back-up procedures.

Privacy statement

KYCOS is being developed taking into account the most important requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018: Transparency, Data Restriction and Retention Limit, Integrity and confidentiality.
We believe it is important to secure your data and to guarantee your privacy. In addition, we are transparent about how we approach these issues.

Privacy by design

We have designed and built all software products with privacy in mind. Data that you collect in the KYCOS platforms is yours and remains yours. Your customer can always choose to have this data removed.

Data sub processing agreement

To provide a clear specification of how we process personal data on behalf of your organization and what the obligations of our customers and users are, we have drawn up a data processing agreement. This can be used by all KYCOS users.

Based on the new European privacy law GDPR/AVG, we have updated our privacy policy and cookie policy. In this way,  you gain more insights into, among other things, the personal data that we collect from you and for what purposes we use it. Contact us for more information.