Intelligent automation

Each business sector has a unique set of requirements that underpin the need to screen and profile the risk of customers, suppliers, employees, and counterparties. Automation removes the risk of human error inherent in manual processes, which is why many firms are now looking to automate their data integrity and control processes. Our software solution enables better customer data management, improved risk assessment, more efficient risk analysis, and transparency for organizations. KYCOS provides the necessary tools to execute an unbiased, in-depth investigation. The platform ensures a faster customer acceptance process and also sets up an effective solution eliminating unnecessary redundant screenings for customers occurring in different systems of the same enterprise.

Key benefits: 

Resource optimization

Avoids the drain of resources by enabling automation and minimizes inefficiencies through new technologies. Solution built on modern, versatile technology

Increased operational efficiency

Reduced manual effort. Simplifies the onboarding process

Enables legal compliance for KYC laws and regulations

Build appropriate and proportionate controls to mitigate and manage the risks. Ability to meet regulatory requirements & expectations with confidence

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