KYCOS Discovery

Complete integrity risk analysis and investigation tool

KYC/AML software for better risk assessment, more efficient risk analysis and more transparency for financial institutions. It helps making informed decisions to prevent damage to your business reputation and enables regulatory compliance.

• Automated client risk scoring
• Global sanctions screening
• Watchlists and live adverse media screening
• Deep web and PEP search engine
• Automatic discovery of complex ownership structures
• Real-time CDD / EDD regulatory reports
• Monitoring and audit trail

Key benefits: 
• Simplifies the onboarding process;
• Conduct in no-time complex integrity investigations;
• Cost-efficient automatic screening for unlimited datasets of person and entity names
    – Well-structured data, easy-to-integrate
    – Optimization of name matching and risk evaluation process;
• Accelerate time to revenue;
• Enables legal compliance for KYC, AML/CFT laws and regulations.

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