KYCOS Discovery

Intelligent automation – customer screening and monitoring solutions

KYC/AML software for better risk assessment, more efficient risk analysis, and more transparency for (financial) institutions. It helps to make informed decisions to prevent damage to your business reputation and enables regulatory compliance.

• End-to-end workflow automation
• Global sanctions screening
• PEP and UBO check
• Automatic discovery of complex ownership structures
• Automated alerts of all relevant changes
• Real-time reports for in-depth background checks

Key benefits: 
• Minimized inefficiencies through improved quality of results by using AI & ML technologies;
• Simplifies the onboarding process;
• Conduct in no-time complex investigations;
• Well-structured data, easy-to-integrate;
• Real-time insight into potential risks;
• Enables legal compliance for KYC, AML/CFT laws, and regulations.

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