KYCOS Business

Intelligent automation – optimized risk profiles of your clients through the use of cloud-based analyzes

The perfect software for companies and experts offering compliance services to third parties and looking for a secure environment where to work. Centralized data to provide intelligent automation, manage workflows, support investigations and monitor.

• End-to-end workflow automation
• Global sanctions and Watch lists screening
• Live adverse media searching
• Deep web and PEP search engine
• Automated alerts of all relevant changes
• Enhanced due diligence reports for in-depth background checks
• Monitoring and audit trail
• Secure data submission facilities for external customers.

Key benefits:
• Centralized view of client data and activity;
• Real-time insight into potential risks;
• Minimized inefficiencies through improved quality of results by using AI & ML technologies;
• Increased incomes by reducing costs and/or by selling services and having earnings.

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