Digital customer onboarding

Based on the internal policies of each company, KYCOS® searches using intelligent process automation and artificial intelligence structured and unstructured sources of information to automate KYC/AML processes for smooth customer onboarding and regulatory compliance.

KYCOS® has been developed according to a single-window concept. That is why KYCOS® is seen as a cost and time-effective workflow-based enterprise platform for customer onboarding. The advantages of this concept are: it brings all your KYC affairs together efficiently in one place, it offers consistent data worldwide, it helps to minimize your risks and it speeds decision making.

geavanceerde-wwft-onderzoekAdvanced research analysis
KYCOS® is an interactive KYC platform for real-time and automatic client screening against official information databases and proactive monitoring. The platform is facilitating an accelerated client onboarding. With KYCOS®, companies can easily perform complex screenings at competitive rates.

snellere-acceptatieAccurate assessment
KYCOS® provides the necessary tools to execute an unbiased, in-depth compliance investigation and a correct risk assessment. Know Your Customer in KYCOS® means automated screening with high precision matching to quickly determine the risk assessment. The software ensures a faster customer acceptance process and also sets up an effective solution eliminating unnecessary redundant screenings for customers occurring in different systems of the same enterprise.

ai-machine-learning-technologieNext-generation screening technology
KYCOS® uses advanced AI for analyzing Big Data and transforming data into valuable information. The software is also using Machine Learning and various fuzzy matching algorithms to significantly reduce irrelevant notifications. The search and filtering process has been automated and optimized as much as possible, giving the analyst more time to investigate who the client is and not to spend all his time searching for news sources and structured databases.

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